The client, a leading printing and card manufacturer in Chennai needed a consolidated application to manage their accounts, sales, billing, inventory, and logistics using a consolidated application with real time processing and single database for the storage of all information and streamlining the flow of information. Since all these modules were not interconnected, there were mismatch in data and process flow was not in place This required replacement of old, often inflexible legacy systems with a new consolidated system capable of handling data/information from of all the departments. Also with more than 30 dealers across India, connectivity and real time processing of information was mandatory.

Our Solution

  • Performed a detailed study on various modules to be automated.
  • Designed a process flow to streamline information/data flow.
  • Provided a centralized data resource server system for easy access and reduce data redundancy.
  • Take it as our responsibility to render efficient solutions instantly


Drive Down Cost and Improve Service Through Actionable Intelligence

Netgrow's NETLOGI is an easy-to-use transportation management system with robust functionality. As a true SaaS model, users benefit from faster innovation, scalable solutions, and a world-class data center called the LeanLogistics Transportation Network. With one platform and a single workflow for transportation planning, execution, settlement, and procurement, NETLOGI delivers increased efficiency and reduced spend.

Netlogi is a single-instance, multi-tenant solution, which means there is one piece of technology privately accessible to all clients. The benefits of a true SaaS model include continuous improvements through software upgrades, lower start-up costs, and quicker implementation.